Values We Bring

Home cooked food away from home
Our meals are prepared by ladies from the community who were basically asked to cook using recipes they use at home! This ensures that our food is tasty and can be consumed thrice a day as a substitute to home-cooked meals.
Freshness of vegetables and dairy products
The vegetables and dairy products are ordered daily and used fresh. Any storage is done in high quality cold storage rooms. Our staff is trained to check every ingredient before using it to prepare the food.
Hygienic preparation of meals
Our cooking takes place at a spic and span central kitchen. The staff are themselves trained in maintaining hygiene, from wearing chef caps to basic cleaning of hands before cooking. The space is equipped with air curtains and equipment to keep insects at bay. The outlets are cleaned on priority by our franchises and the food is maintained in well washed bain maries. Cleanliness is priority and is personally overseen by the manager so that we bring to you not only fresh and healthy but also hygienic food.
Food grade spices and dals
Our herbs, spices and pulses are bought from registered suppliers who only provide food grade ingredients.
We strive to make our meals as affordable as possible so that the neediest can come eat a wholesome nutritious meal. A filling meal starts at Rs. 20, which is competitive with home cooked meals and much cheaper than other equally healthy options.