Keep your staff happy by providing them with tasty, healthy and home-cooked food! With employees working 9 to 5 jobs, they barely have time to cook their lunches. You strive to provide them with the best possible meals within your budget. Try Janta Meals for providing lunches in your office.

They’re sure to love it. We react quick on consumer feedback and will keep ensuring consumer satisfaction
Office staff is usually unhappy with consuming outside food everyday. Our USP is that our food tastes exactly like home-cooked food. We of course always have a special dish and a sweet dish to offer on the side!
Light, wholesome and ensures productivity
Even though we cook in bulk, we make sure that the oil we use is minimal. This ensures that our food is light and increases. The use of fresh vegetables and thick dal ensures productivity in your staff as well.
With a large number of staff, a company is always looking for a decent affordable option for their meals. We provide just that. With affordable rates, we’ll make a meal programme tailor made for you.
Delivered at your doorstep!
Janta Meals can deliver at your office at the time required by you.
Please contact Ajay Kumar (, 8285087465) for a free trial today!