One in every three malnutritioned child of the world lives in India. Malnutrition in children has severe long term consequences as it impedes motor, sensory, cognitive, social and emotional development. Anaemia or iron deficiency is very common in India. Lack of iodized salt leads to iodine deficiency which can reduce a child’s learning capacity to upto 13% (statistics from UNICEF).
Janta Meals, in it’s own small but effective way, tries to solve this issue by providing meals for schools kids in NGO, private and other informal schools. The following three points makes our food ideal for school.

Children love our food because it is prepared in local recipes by ladies from the community, thus indirectly by their own mothers!
We not only provide food but also advise schools on what exactly should be on the menu and what they should order from us to ensure a balanced diet for the kids.
Hygienically prepared
We prepare our food in hygienic circumstances and transport them in clean containers. The school is free to visit our kitchen and meet our staff to ensure this.
We provide quality food within the school’s budget.
Delivered at your doorstep!
We will deliver at the school at the time required by the school.
Please contact Ajay Kumar (, 8285087465) for a free trial today!