Factories and Construction sites

Factories and construction sites usually have a large number of labourers to feed. These labourers have strenuous work and the meal break is something they all look forward to. It is the company’s duty and responsibility to serve them wholesome and nutritious food. Janta Meals can provide this food to you! Our food is ideal for factories and construction sites because:

Complaints regarding food quality is common in these sites. Our tasty food ensures that your workers will thoroughly enjoy it!
Ensures productivity
Wholesome meals cooked using light oil and fresh vegetables and ingredients will ensure that your staff is well-fed and increase their productivity. Reduce their chances of falling sick by providing them Janta Meals’ balanced diet.
With a large number of staff, a company is always looking for a decent affordable option for their meals. We provide just that. With affordable rates, we’ll make a meal programme tailor made for you.
Delivered at your doorstep!
Janta Meals can deliver your order at your premises at the time required by you.
Please contact Ajay Kumar (ajay@jantameals.com, 8285087465) for a free trial today!