About Us


Our Philosophy

IMG_8892Janta Meals was set up with the sole aim of providing the working class in urban India with healthy, nutritious and affordable meals.  Lower income migrant population depend on food from street vendors or dhabas where the food is unhygienically prepared and lacks in nutritional value. Other options are too expensive. Living away from home and working long strenuous hours makes cooking at home difficult.

This is the problem that Janta Meals tries to solve. We set up small restaurants in informal areas and slum areas where one can have a filling nutritious meal starting Rs. 20.

Our Food

30 rupee mealOur food is prepared by ladies from the local communities. When we hired the ladies, we asked them to cook in their local recipes. Our USP is that we provide authentic home-cooked food that people would’ve had back in their villages but is missing in urban areas.

The food is prepared fresh twice a day using good quality ingredients that are thoroughly checked by our staff. We maintain a balanced Indian diet with the full thali consisting of subzee, roti, dal, rice, chutney and salad. True to our tag line, we provide ghar ka swadisht khana- sirf Rs. 20 mein.

Our Customers

IMG_9080Our customers are usually migrants from rural areas to urban areas who might have migrated for a job, studies or in search of a better living. Low income migrant population often depends on food from street vendors or dhabas. The food here is unhygienically prepared and lacks nutrition. Eating at good restaurants is too expensive. Home cooking is difficult considering their long working hours and lack of resources.

Our customers may be employed in jobs such as sweepers, bank clerks, drivers, shop assistants, mechanics, etc. or maybe self employed as a cycle-rickshaw driver, vegetable seller, small shop owner, etc. or could be studying in the area. Although most of customers are male, we do have some female customers as well.

Our Cooks

IMG_8818Our cooks are ladies from the local communities, who along with their families, have migrated to urban areas. They have always cooked at their homes and know the best recipes liked by their families. Who could then cook a better home-cooked meal than them?!

The ladies used to earlier be informally employed as maids, cooks, etc. Some of them were also unemployed. Once, hired by Janta, they were trained how to work efficiently, how to use machines for cooking and how to cook in bulk. Currently, all our cooking is done by them under the keen supervision of our kitchen manager, Yogesh.