Janta Meals in its own small way is helping bring food to the drought affected areas of Bundelkhand.

    Janta Meals in its own small way is helping bring food to the drought affected areas of Bundelkhand. Tata Foundation has hired Janta Meals to set up a temporary kitchen for cooking and serving 6000 meals daily in the villages near Lalitpur,UP. Tatas are also ensuring that through local community initiatives there is enough water harvesting and storage infrastructure so that the crisis is not repeated13315754_958353610928935_3411043475375388852_n14626140188471913178844_473125122880509_3094419792815275558_n

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    NDTV Prime’s “The Real Deal”

    New Delhi, 18March’ 16

    The Real Deal - NDTV Prime's path breaking and exciting reality show to celebrate Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investors is finally here! 

    From waste managers, skills development, financial and meal visionaries to farmers and healthcare managers, watch contestants fight it out in a set of innovative challenges that will test skills required to be a social entrepreneur. These include empathy, resilience, resourcefulness, ethics, partnering, leadership, selling, bartering, and networking.

    The Real Deal will find, feature and fund the country's best social entrepreneurs by bringing them face to face with potential impact investors in a 10-episode reality game format, bringing together two of the hottest and biggest issues, social change and entrepreneurship.

    Judging these social entrepreneurs are Amar SinghCEO Founder Clove Dental; Audrey SelianDirector, Artha Initiative; Jayesh ParekhManaging Partner at Jungle Ventures; Radha KapoorFounder and Director of the Indian School of Design and Innovation; and Kartik Desai, Principal, Asha Impact. The jury will be the impact investors on the show.

    The contestants will be coached by Aditi Shrivastava, Head, Intellecap Impact Investment Network and Deborah Keller, Manager, Artha Initiative. 

    Hosted by Shikha Uberoi, a former ace tennis player and now co-founder of Indi.com India, The Real Deal premiers on 24th March at 4pm and will air on NDTV Prime every Friday, 25th March onwards at 9pm. Shikha is also the Creator and Executive Producer of the show.

    Shikha Uberoi, show host, creator and Executive Producer of the show said, “Social change and mainstream entertainment should not be mutually exclusive. What better way to debut with The Real Deal which brings together two of India’s hottest issues, social change and entrepreneurship. I wanted to create an active and dynamic show which got right to the solutions versus groaning about problems hence, real solutions. In order for India to reach her potential our brilliant social entrepreneurs need to reach theirs and for that they need investment with real money. This show is about struggle and triumph and winning the ultimate deal which not only benefits a single entrepreneur and their enterprise but potentially, the entire country hence, The Real Deal!


    The show will also see actor and Social Entrepreneur Kunal Kapoor as an expert revealing some facts and figures towards the end of each episode.

    Announcing the show, Shruti Verma Singh, Head, Channel Strategy and Brand, NDTV Prime said “2016 promises to be the year of the Social Unicorn! These "for profit" social enterprises also work towards long term social impact. NDTV Prime is proud to have incubated and given form to an idea that celebrates promotes and puts social entrepreneurs on the same platform with powerful Investors. THE REAL DEAL is a game changer!

    Amar Singh, Founder Clove Dental being one of the judges said, “India needs more entrepreneurs who build sustainable businesses in the social sector - who do good by doing good. Watch the Real Deal on NDTV.”

    “It is high time angel investors take a closer look at social impact investing - watch The Real Deal on NDTV Prime”, said Jayesh Parekh, Managing Partner at Jungle Ventures commenting on the show.

    The Real Deal’s title sponsor is Clove Dental, Associate Sponsor Artha andUnion Bank of India, Investing for Impact and The Leprosy Mission Trust India; Crowd funding partner Ketto; Investment Partner Asha Impact; Enterprise Development Partner Intellacap; Due Diligence Partner ASCO; Innovation Partner Indian School of Design and Innovation.


    Tune into NDTV Prime to watch the social entrepreneurs battle it out to crack ‘The Real Deal’ with the impact investors premiering on 24th March, 2016 and every Friday at 9 pm, 25thMarch onwards.



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    How a Dutch investor is addressing the nutrition problem of India

    In 2013, when Dutch investor Jesse van de Zand came to help expand the activities of Enviu, a –Netherland-based impact incubator in India, little did he know that he would end up making India his home for the next few years. During a meeting with Prabhat Agarwal, a serial entrepreneur and impact investor who quit the corporate world after working for giants such as HCL and RP Punj Group, Zand learned that Agarwal was trying to address a critical problem that we often overlook – nutrition for the informal sector. That meeting was enough to convince Zand to quit his comfortable, steady career and move to India in May 2013 as one of the core founders and CEO of Janta Meals – a chain of small restaurants in informal and slum areas, where people can have a nutritious and hygienic meal for just Rs 20!

    Janta Meals
    Jesse van de Zand and Prabhat Agarwal enjoying a lunch at Janta Meals

    What issue is Janta Meals addressing?

    Imagine an auto-driver who drives at least 100 kilometres in a day across the city and eats at a different roadside dhaba or cart to fill his stomach, every time. Most often, he ends up eating unhealthy and unhygienic food such as chaat or chole-bhature. What is the nutrition he’s getting? Or a more serious question would be whether he’s getting any nutrition? This is a not an isolated example. There are countless drivers, cleaners, construction labourers, and security guards who work for over 12 hours a day without a wholesome meal. As Zand says, “Lack of healthy food on a daily basis leads to lesser productivity and ultimately, lower income. It becomes a vicious, never-ending cycle.”

    The magnitude of this problem is huge. According to Agarwal,

    If you take Gurgaon, which has a population of close to 25 lakh, at least 15 lakh are in the informal sector. If we are talking about Delhi NCR, then the numbers increase 10 times. This means a population of at least 1.5 crore with no fixed income, medical benefits, insurance or pension, or a guarantee that their job will last. Always on the move, with monthly incomes ranging from Rs 5, 000 – 8, 000 on an average, affording a meal at Rs 60 or more is far from reality. And I am only talking about one city.

    Addressing this acute need for nutritious and hygienically prepared food is Janta Meals, which provides affordable meals to Delhi NCR’s blue-collar population. For Rs 20, a customer can have rice and dal or roti and sabzi, whereas for Rs 30, he/she can have everything along with some salad.

    How does Janta Meals’ model work?

    The model works through two different channels. Firstly, Janta Meals has its own outlets across the city, which are run by micro-entrepreneurs. As in a franchisee model, an entrepreneur is responsible for scouting the location and setting up the 8-16 seater outlet, and Janta Meals sends them the food, which is prepared in a centralised kitchen in partnership with The Akshaya Patra Foundation – a non-profit that runs centralised kitchens across India to provide mid-day meals to government and government-aided schools. Since Akshaya Patra kitchens finish their cooking by 11 am, the kitchen is idle to use and Janta Meals has only capitalised on the available opportunity. Janta Meals also trains the micro-entrepreneurs on basic accounting skills, hospitality and other aspects that are needed to successfully run the operations.

    The mechanised cooking and bulk purchasing of raw materials helps the company set the price per meal as low as Rs 20. For a micro-entrepreneur, setting up a franchise costs anywhere between Rs 70, 000 to Rs 1, 00, 000, and there have been successful instances where these entrepreneurs have earned close to Rs 50, 000 a month as well!

    In the second channel, Janta Meals has tied up with various corporates, who employ informal, contract labour, and supply packed meals directly to their office from the centralised kitchen. Larsen and Toubro is one of the 10 corporates who procure Janta Meals regularly.

    Impact and way forward

    With 30 franchisee centres operational in Gurgaon and Kurukshetra, Janta Meals is serving close to 15, 000 meals every single day. According to their website, cumulatively, they have already served 68, 13, 935 meals!

    Plans for rapid expansion are underway, and in the next three months, operations will begin in Bangalore, Karnataka, and Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Janta Meals is also considering ‘Janta Food Vans’ – mobile food trucks that can park at locations where the concentration of labourers is high, a move to ensure last-mile service.

    But, impact isn’t just a number. It’s the stories of people who come every day to have meals that inspire Zand and Agarwal to dream fearlessly. Agarwal recalls,

    There was a migrant labourer who used to work in a location where Janta Meals wasn’t available. However, one of his friends was a daily customer at our restaurant and he once took the meals for him to try. In no time, the labourer managed to convince the higher-ups in his organisation to change his workplace. All because he wanted to have wholesome food.

    In another instance, Ranjit Galsinh, a 35-year old guard says, “I have been working in Sikanderpur, Gurgaon for over three years now, but haven’t come across a restaurant that serves food that is so cheap and tastes like it’s home-cooked. It helps immensely when nutrition doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.”

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    Haryana CM enjoying his food at Janta Meals, Kurkshetra

    Janta Meals is proud to start its operations in Kurukshetra in partnership with Haryana government and Akshayapatra. The outlet was inaugurated by the Haryana CM - Shri Manohar Lal Khattar.




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